Flying cars will improve people's health

Besides the usage of flying cars in search & rescue operations, medical evacuations, there is another factor impacting people's health that has so far not been fully described. The stress that is caused in today's traffic congestions has a big impact on our health. With a new generation of electric VTOL arriving, at lower noise levels as well, the arrival of flying cars as alternative for transportation in big cities is closer than ever before. A healthy alternative as such, reducing blood pressure and cardiac problems caused by stress, we should envisage also the safety of it. These eVTOLs can be equipped with ballistic recovery parachutes, that can be activated remotely by the authorities if necessary. Most big cities were built around rivers or at the seaside, let's think of the Hudson river as an example. Following a route above these waterways, it should be possible to allow eVTOLs to penetrate deep into city centers, where there are direct connections to subways and other means of local transportation. We can envisage recreational airfields as departure zones, typically located in rural areas. There would enough parking spaces for electric cars, which is for example not possible in most train stations. Also charging infrastructure should be foreseen so that the cars can load their batteries while the passenger is remote. The right infrastructure would be able to turn a collection of these cars even into a temporary power plant if needed, to stabilize the electric grid.

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