European Flying Car Association (EFCA)


The mission of the association is to represent the interests of the flying car owners and promote the use of flying cars in Europe and globally. As a consumer organization, we can provide reviews of different flying car / air taxi models and collect feedback from our members. Our definition of a flying car is broad: it includes roadable aircraft and VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing) drones. Last but not least, it includes the upcoming electrical VTOLs, the so-called eVTOLs: in parallel to the roll-out of electric cars and adequate infrastructure, we expect these transformational shifts also in our sector. The flying car is a new type of vehicle, many challenges and opportunities exist on a practical level: new regulations, infrastructure concerns like airfield access, creation of new take-off zones, access to electric charging infrastructure, autonomous flying air taxis, vehicle inspection, appraisal and valuation services for used vehicles, insurance, maintenance, etc. Although we only represent private civilian owners, companies and associations, we look forward to collaborate as well with the public sector to bring innovation to services like firefighting, ambulance and search & rescue operations. 


Basic Membership is free. You can become individual member of the EFCA or join one of the national associations that are already member. Members will receive latest news from the flying car sector distributed by EFCA and invitations for special events organized by EFCA. We provide legal advice on request to members who would like to use flying cars in a commercial activity in Europe and on a national level (legal advice provided by our national member associations in this case). Geographical Europe consists out of 51 independent countries, including the Member States of the European Union, the Accession Candidates, as well as Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Moldova, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland, Ukraine. We have also individual members from outside Europe, for example people living in other continents who travel frequently to Europe.


A Board, democratically elected by the members, manages EFCA. Advisory members may attend the Board meetings (without voting rights).

President: Maria Milanova
Secretary-General: Thierry Levy

EFCA is registered as an association under French law.