Ordering your flying car

These companies offer commercial flying cars for sale (delivery periods can take 6 months - 3 years):

SkyRunner: https://www.flyskyrunner.com/deposit-agreement/

Beyond Roads: http://mavericklsa.com/contact.html

ICON Aircraft: http://iconaircraft.com/a5/buy/

Coming soon: AeroMobil, PAL-V, Transition, CarplaneCaraVellair, Samson SwitchbladeVaylon Pégase...

So order your roadable aircraft today, make a deposit to reserve your place in the production queue!


If you would prefer to go for fractional ownership or co-ownership, we can help you with that. This will significantly lower costs and make flying cars accessible also to people, associations and companies that would not have the budget for it otherwise. Contact us and we will match you with other potential co-owners in your region. Indeed, a flying car is probably the most practical, shareable, aircraft of all, because it is roadable as well!