Flying car timesharing

Co-ownership (fractional ownership) will significantly lower costs and make flying cars accessible also to people, associations and companies that would not have the budget for it otherwise. A flying car is probably the most practical, shareable, aircraft of all, because it is roadable as well! Bad weather cannot stop a roadable aircraft on its way to the next co-owners' destination.

Imagine aeroclubs that have their busiest days during specific local events or holidays. Only during these periods they would want to have their flying car available to them. And if the weather is too difficult for flight...then just let your aeroclub's visitors drive the flying car ! For co-owners that are not associations but rather private individuals, they most likely will also want to use their car only during the holidays or during important events (which can be of course at different times). It will work out fine between the right co-owners until the flying car becomes such a mainstream transportation vehicle that they want to use it every day ! When that happens, eventually, prices will also come down a lot because of mass production efficiencies. As most flying cars are currently produced in limited editions, they also represent an interesting investment opportunity: limited edition cars are not rarely sold at multiples of the original purchase price, years later. 

So far we have interested associations and people as co-owners in the regions below. Don't hesitate to put your region on our list and get in contact with other potential co-owners. The inspection and maintenance can be taken in charge by a trusted third party like our national member associations. Because of their neutrality they are also well positioned to act as arbitrator in cases where conflicts arise between the co-owners. The best practice is avoiding these conflicts of course, by putting together a precise contract at the beginning between the co-owners. Don't hesitate to contact us for assistance in drafting carsharing agreements for flying cars.

Links to the latest legislation and regulation regarding timesharing initiatives:

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